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Are the Dream Warnings correct?



There's been allot of people saying the've had a dream that warns of some type of apocalyptic event. I'll admit I've had similar ones that something big is about to occur. Are we hearing the voice of God speak through these people, or is something else going on? To be honest I'm not sure because dreams can very difficult to interpret. Do I just brush them off or do I let them take over my life? I would have to say to keep everything in balance, rationally prepare for what Jesus warned us of, but also attempt to enjoy a bit of the sunshine during these difficult times.

I would like to point out, even though a large apocalyptic event will occur some day, we know the world is not coming to and end. We know that because Jesus will have a 1000 year reign Revelation 20:6 and during that time there will be nations Revelation 20:3, let's just pray it will be a very different world.



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Good perspective. I know from my own experience with dreams, that sometimes a great amount of time can pass before they are fulfilled. I had one thirty years ago that is being fulfilled now. So if something doesn't happen right away we tend to dismiss them. It's best to file them in the background and use them to help prepare us, but not rule us

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