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Anyone Feeling Confused?



Anyone Feeling Confused, this might be a understatement of how some of us feel today.

I want to summarize my thoughts but I find it difficult because there's is so much and I'm not sure where to start.

How about Pastor Dana Coverstone's dreams? I certainly believed in them and for many reasons. I thought God was talking through him and letting us know to get prepared for the things he described. The dreams played out exactly as they should have, full of analogy between the spiritual and physical. I've listened to Pastor Coverstone's sermons and he is a good Christian, was he deceived, but how could he be if God protects his people? Some are already saying we prayed it all away, well then the how did Trump loose the election? Nobody saw that one coming!

I have to wonder did America just reject God by choosing Biden? On the surface Biden doesn't seem bad and his words of unite sound great, but if you look closely at the policies and ideas they seem against Gods word. If his policies go against God how could God allow this person to win the election?

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us and it's certainly wrapping up just as it began. I'm not sure what's next but it's getting very difficult to know who to believe. 

If I had any words of wisdom I would say; dig deep, pray, read the Bible, and put your trust in God that his plan will all make sense very soon.



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