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Warning - Prepare!



It's time to declare a Warning and to be Prepared!

I don't want to start a conspiracy but there are some signs that are very concerning.

Here just a few examples:

  • The US Presidential Election is still being questioned and President Trumps options are limited to possibly, The Insurrection Act and Martial Law. Would he do it?
  • The US Government Hack, don't be confused this was unprecedented and on a massive scale that Demands a response. The response should concern you!
  • The News Media does not provide ethical unbiased news. What you read may or may not be true?
  • Convid-19 is real, but where did it come from, and what is it pushing us toward (slippery slope)? Possibly a Universal Global Personal Identity? Does that sound familiar?

If the alarm signs aren't going off for you then you aren't paying attention. There's been plenty of examples in human history that would red flag these signs.

Head the Warning and be Prepared!


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