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Watchman's Trumpet presents Solemn September Assembly



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All Christians Welcome

All Christians: all denominations are welcome but asked to keep their denominations and division causing questions (e.g. once saved always saved, the rapture, no hell, no soul-death, etc). out of this meeting.

We are looking for Christians (remote or in person) to join us in sending up aggressive prayers. While fires rage physically and spiritually across the country – we are praying for fires of revival to stop the fires of opposition to the Body of Christ. We are calling for incredible warfare in the heavens impacting those on the ground. We are calling for Saints of God willing to become weary from the spiritual fight. We are looking for Believers to hold each other up and stand together without division fighting together in prayer. We expect the battle to be serious, intense, and brutal. The heavens will be alive with the battle we wage for this Nation! It may seem to last forever, however, when the battle is over we will stand victorious!

Register for Watchman's Trumpet presents Solemn September Assembly at Hyatt Regency North Dallas, Mon Sep 6, 2021 7:45 PM - Wed Sep 8, 2021 7:45 PM (tickettailor.com)



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