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  2. "It should be everyone's priority, that of heads of Druze and Arab local councils, to think about ways of turning their towns from red to green," Ayman Saif said on Saturday. View the full article
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  4. Even as the US struggles with seemingly insurmountable divides, Saadia Faruqi and Laura Shovan's 'A Place at the Table' teaches that difference does not inherently mean discordance View the full article
  5. Bourla said in December that he has not yet received the vaccine yet because he does not want to "cut in line." View the full article
  6. White House says spree is an 'active threat'; hackers exploit flaws in Microsoft Exchange, stealing email and infecting servers to let them take control remotely View the full article
  7. Final vote on Sunday's reopening of restaurants and other businesses is delayed until Saturday night; business owners say they're struggling to hire workers back from furlough View the full article
  8. Pontiff attends interfaith meeting in Ur as part of trip to country riven by religious and ethnic divisions, calls for end to conflict in Syria View the full article
  9. Simon Wiesenthal Center makes demand after radio host wishes the vaccine 'did not work in Israel' and says 'Israel is a shitty country,' comments later praised by neo-Nazis View the full article
  10. Poem rejected by the New Yorker in 1942 because 'many of our readers wouldn’t quite get it' is printed by the Times Literary Supplement View the full article
  11. Building listed as a monument but authorities haven't taken action to salvage the dilapidated structure; Brody had many thousands of Jews before Holocaust but none live there today View the full article
  12. Dilapidated structures, left empty after the Holocaust, are sold for cheap, but owners must carry out costly restorations and maintenance View the full article
  13. The leadership of the Romanian Orthodox Church has decided not to change its ancient practice of full-immersion baptism of babies despite public outrage that followed the recent death of an infant during christening. View the full article
  14. Visit to discuss Christian minority is one of the highlights of pontiff's four-day trip to Iraq, where Sistani has played a key role in tamping down tensions in recent decades View the full article
  15. Doors open in one of the world’s foremost movie capitals; for some moviegoers who consider the big screen the only way to see a film, the day has almost religious significance View the full article
  16. British changes to legislation mean a man who refuses a Jewish divorce will now be clearly recognized as exerting controlling and coercive behavior, UK Jewish News reports View the full article
  17. Over 28 million in US are fully vaccinated and still waiting for official advice on mask-wearing, visiting family, going to restaurants View the full article
  18. The program will help women find opportunities by preparing CV's, LinkedIn pages and identifying personal and professional barriers. View the full article
  19. Jerusalem could oppose International Criminal Court investigation through diplomacy and public opinion, by engaging with court, or by taking a middle path View the full article
  20. The program will help women find opportunities by preparing CV's, LinkedIn pages and identifying personal and professional barriers. View the full article
  21. At Hanan Products, which makes whipped toppings, icings and dessert fillings for bakery industry, cleaning and production begins long before weeklong springtime holiday View the full article
  22. Pontiff to travel to shrine city of Najaf to meet Muslim authority figure during visit aimed at comforting Iraqi Christians and deepening interfaith relations View the full article
  23. There was an 11% drop in the number of women employed in management positions. View the full article
  24. Most of the fines in 2020 were given due to supervision activity done by the ministry, while a minority were due to complaints from employees. View the full article
  25. Final approval for reopening restaurants, other businesses on Sunday pushed back until Saturday night; outbreak declines in ultra-Orthodox community but climbs in Arab areas View the full article
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