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Account Information

How to Delete your Account

Deleting your account is easy.

  1. Select Account Settings from your Profile menu.
  2. Select Delete My Account from the left menu.
  3. Check: I have read, understood and I want to delete my account.
  4. Confirm.

Changing your Password

To change your Password.

  • Select Account Settings from your Profile menu.
  • Select Password.
  • Enter your current and new password.
  • Save.

Changing your Email Address

To change your Email Address.

  • Select Account Settings from your Profile menu.
  • Select Email Address from the left menu.
  • Enter your new Email Address.
  • Save.

Changing your Display Name

To change your Display Name.

  • Select Account Settings from your Profile menu.
  • Select Display Name from the left menu.
  • Enter your new Display Name.
  • Save.

Forums - Discussion Boards

Starting a new Forum Topic

There are several ways to create a new Forum Topic.

  • Select from the top menu select the Plus button and the Forum Topic menu item.
  • From the Forums page select the Start New Topic button.


Editing a posted Forum Topic

After posting a new Forum Topic you can edit it.

  • Select your posted topic.
  • Select the Ellipse button (the one with 3 dots).
  • Select the Edit button from the menu.
  • Select the Edit Topic button when done.

Videos - Live, Recording, and Broadcasts

Adding a new Video

There are several ways to add a new Video.

  1. Select from the top menu select the "Plus" button and the "Video Item" menu item.
  2. From the Videos page select the "Add Video" button.

Managing Videos

Managing your Video is easy.

  • Select from the top menu bar Videos.
  • Select My Videos button.
  • This page shows all of the Videos you have posted.
  • From here you can Edit and Delete your Videos.


Blogs - Personal Articles and Views

Creating a new Blog

Creating a Blog and Blog Entry.

  • You must first create a Blog before adding Blog Entries.
  • Select the Create a new Blog button.
  • Select a Category, and enter a Name and Description.
  • Continue button.

How to Manage your Blogs

Managing your Blogs can be done several ways.

  • Select from the top menu bar Blogs.
  • Change the view to View Blogs using the view selector button.
  • Select your Blog or if there are to many use the Filter By button.
  • Select your Blog.

Method 2.

  • Select your Name from top of page and Profile.
  • From the tabs select Blogs.
  • Select your Blog.



Support Questions

How to get help or ask a question.

  • You can use the Contact Us form and send us an email.
  • You can post a new topic in the Forum using our Support and Feedback category.


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