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This Is the Greatest Hour for the Church

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CBN News today!


Many Christians are divided during this post-election time. Whether they believe it's not over or that it's time to move on, most can agree it's a critical moment for the church, no matter the outcome.

Prophet and President of Destiny Encounters International Charlie Shamp says "this is the greatest hour for the church." Shamp told The Elijah List's Steve Shultz recently, "The justice scale is resting in the heart of the nation and it's either going to go one way or the other way, and the only deciding factor that is going to change this moment in history is the church," he said.

"The church has to rise, take hold of the prophetic word, decree it and do not let go of it and we will tip the scales of justice and we will see a transformation like we have never seen in this nation before," Shamp said.  




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