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Do you know what grace really is? You will need it the days ahead!

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Over the years having heard so many sermons about grace it has really come to my attention that many professing Christians I don't think know what it is. The problem with that is we are entering a time that we will need God's grace like never before to avoid the landmines being placed around us by the devil and his children. We will need the ability to walk in victory with Jesus and our own strength simply is not enough.

Many today are living a Christian lifestyle and have thinking that opposes grace. What is most concerning about that is when they are really in trouble in the days ahead, I mean really in TROUBLE and need the grace of God, He will resist them just like they resisted Him! I made a 20-minute video that will shed some light on grace. And maybe even give you some insights you haven't heard that would persuade you to live a little differently if you already are not.




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