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Does God still physically heal people today?

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If yes, do you really truly believe it yourself?

Years ago, it seemed like I had plenty of opportunities to pray for sick people in Jesus's name. God would instantly physically heal them or it would come very quickly after praying for them and for some it would not. I don’t think God chooses to love one person more than the other, but their journey through life may be different for them then what you have asked God for. Now, this doesn't mean you should stop praying for people when you don't see God heal them, because you may be the one God can use to work through for the Spirit to give the gift of healing in the next person you pray for. Know that belief in God to heal is more than the actual result of the healing, but it can open up to you and the recipient the knowledge of God in new way. God our healer! And then if they are not a believer it is a chance to share the gospel message with them.

The challenging part is finding those opportunities today to pray. I seen this coming for a while, but now it has fully planted itself in the church among so many also. What’s the problem? “Unbelief” especially in this area of healing, but the question is why? I believe it also affects our mission in Christ of bring the knowledge of God to a dying world.

I don’t have a problem with people looking for medical solutions to remedy their problems in fact I think it is smart, but the trust we place in others, the camaraderie found in doing it and the attention you can get from it has diluted our belief that God can really heal us. So, most church talk today after the weather, current events or gossip dominates around getting attention or having our conversations center around our sicknesses, diseases, aches and pains we have. This is especially true for the folks who are growing older that should be sharing testimonies of Christ healing in our bodies, but now "sicknesses" I notice is what many young people want to talk about too. Each having their own debilitation I guess to feel special or voice their own uniqueness. What I'm watching is not limited to physical, but a growing interest in finding the right pills to take to care of them emotionally.

So even though we pray for healing the prayers are now; God, give wisdom to the docs and guide the surgeon’s hands, instead of looking to God first to heal you and keep you healthy. And yes, that includes us cooperating with staying healthy, but that's a whole other subject. Remember this body we were given is a temple of the Holy Spirit. The blessing of permissibility and having plenty can be its own obstacle, enjoy that blessings and don’t abuse it.

I shared a few experiences in a video of my encounters with God’s healing. Let me tell you, I go often into prayer to ask the Lord for healing in my own body believing He will and many times He has, and for the times He hasn’t then I go seek the help I need which honestly is almost like never. I am most grateful for that and humbled. But I want Him to have the first place and my reliance to be on Him to take care of me. I think the pain from not doing so will be part of the judgment and this reckoning we have now entered and will intensify in the months and years ahead. You will have wished you had trusted Jesus to heal you and help you to live right.


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