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Is it to late for you?

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I think this is a question we ask ourselves from time to time and that is "is it to late for you to follow God?" I think we believe we have strayed for so long will the Lord still lead me after I have rejected Him in so many ways that I have been living.

Well, the answer is yes, but it also depends on you. Do you want to live for yourself? or for Christ Jesus? There is an eternal reward in choosing Jesus and a contentment and deep seated joy in this life that living for yourself in this world can not give you.  

This video I made focuses on a world competing for our time, our thoughts and our strength that can keep you from hearing from the Lord. You may be looking for the Lord in the loudness of the circumstances around you because you forgot what takes to hear Him. My question to you if you are doing so, are you finding Him in all the loudness going on around us? 

In this video I give some insight from the scriptures concerning some thoughts on these things.


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