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Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans


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Some concerning words from President Biden, "We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin". That's a pretty strong statement because it's saying if you keep resisting the vaccine they will take other measures. If I had to guess they are seeing something with the economy that is causing concern and the next variant could send us right over the edge.


“We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

Sweeping new vaccine mandates for 100 million Americans (apnews.com)

Covid: Biden requires employees of big businesses to be vaccinated or face testing - BBC News

Biden Targets Private Sector in Sweeping New Vaccine Mandates for 100M Americans - All Companies with 100 Employees | CBN News

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    • By Lance
      We knew it was coming and because it's a slippery slope you really can't stop it. Good or Bad what ever you want to think it has the potential to be a precursor for Revelation 13:17.
      New York this month became the first major U.S. city to mandate proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor dining, gyms and theaters. The announcement came shortly after a federal judge in Florida blocked a law banning cruise ships from requiring proof of vaccination, after cruise liners argued their business was not viable without it.
      Last week California became the first state to require proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test, for any indoor event with more than 1,000 people.
      What is a COVID-19 vaccine passport, and do I need one? (apnews.com)
      As States Roll Out Digital Vaccine 'Passports,' Privacy Concerns Persist (newsweek.com)

    • By Lance
      Is Covid a Slippery Slope that can't be stopped?
      It started with Covid. The we needed Vaccines, they started as optional. Covid continued to spread, we need to shutdowns everything to keep Covid from spreading. New Covid Variants require Mandatory Vaccines. We are unable to confirm accuracy of paper vaccine cards, we need a database to keep track. Government and Businesses need a way to identify who's been vaccinated, requires a Digital Vaccine Passport. Covid Variant spreading again, we need Digital Vaccine Passports to Buy and Sell to make sure your vaccinated. Covid has disrupted our financial systems, we now need a Global Financial Reset. With the Global Financial Reset we need a new Global Digital Currency. You think this is all conspiracy talk? Google or Bing Search: Digital Vaccine Passport, Global Digital Currency, Global Financial Reset, World Economic Forum. It all sounds good to those that don't know the Bible! A Slipper Slope that leads to Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      Does anyone think we are getting close to the Great Tribulation?
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