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  1. If you don't get over this, not only will you not prosper but you will live a hindered life.
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  2. I'm going to title this dream "Get Ready or Else" because I think it's for me and others. The reason this dream is for me is because I've always had dreams since I was very young. I haven't shared them because interpretation can be very difficult. I've had thousands of dreams and some I've recorded or written down over time. Most of the dreams are for me and others may be called prophetic. I'm telling you this so you know a bit about me and you can decide to listen or not. Dream 7/30: I entered a building and it had a new renter/leaser and they were setting up new booths with new people getting ready to work them. I was amazed how many new booths and people there were because previously there were only a few. I noticed the people were ready and willing to work, like they were ready to do whatever it takes. I don't remember what was at the booths, I just remember each one had something different. After walking through the building I woke up. Interpretation: For the interpretation you need to know what I was praying to God about and bit of what's going on in my world. The funny part when I pray to God to show me something, he always shows me something I didn't expect. Like others I'm praying to God about what's going to happen next, or how close are we are to the great tribulation. Even though I ask, God doesn't show me the big picture and I've come to the conclusion it's like a war plan and he doesn't want the enemy to know certain things. The dream is basically saying we are not doing enough or we are to casual and if you don't get it together you will be replaced by others that are more willing to do the job. This dream has many levels of meaning and something different depending on the person. For me it's about getting ready because there are many signs that we are very close to what we call the end times. We are all given gifts and you better start using them. If the church isn't producing fruit it will be replaced. A spiritual war is happening, get into the fight in any way you can and it will be different for everyone. You will know if this dream was for you!
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