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  1. Neighbor, apparently angry after election called for Biden, praised Hitler, threatened to kill them, and then threw rocks through their window; authorities investigating hate crime View the full article
  2. From Haim to comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Tiffany Hadish, to an orchestral ‘Diary of Anne Frank’ adaptation View the full article
  3. The new building was named after Wilf's father, Joseph Wilf, who along with Mark's mother were both Holocaust survivors. View the full article
  4. Frontline workers, child therapists find anecdotal evidence for higher rates of problem behaviors, depression, and anxiety in children as adults also struggle to cope with pandemic View the full article
  5. Invitations to Williamsburg wedding were spread by word of mouth, with no posters advertising it on synagogue walls View the full article
  6. Defiant leaders of insular communities resent outside orders and are going to great lengths to keep holding mass weddings despite COVID-19 restrictions View the full article
  7. Elor Azaria, jailed for killing incapacitated Palestinian assailant, says he suffered psychological damage; rejection cites his 'malicious and severe behavior' View the full article
  8. Some participants are apparently seeking professions in hi-tech, while others wish to open their own businesses. View the full article
  9. The decision reopens the legal debate on the use of the market regulation principle. View the full article
  10. While IDF records 37 suspected assaults by Israelis on Palestinian farmers during harvest, only three indictments have been publicly announced, all from one incident View the full article
  11. Busy Hapoel Jerusalem tops Holon • Beersheba crushes Nahariya • 1st-place Eilat stays hot View the full article
  12. Avril Haines as Biden’s DNI marks a new age View the full article
  13. No immediate information on targets or reports of casualties; alleged attacks come a week after a rare strike claimed by Israel View the full article
  14. “The IDF should take another step and adopt the law to open all roles to all genders without compromising on set professional standards.” View the full article
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