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  1. Young medical staffers have been protesting for weeks over 26-hour shifts. View the full article
  2. The Reformed Church in America, one of the oldest denominations in the United States, will create a team aimed at working on a possible restructuring plan for the denomination to end its debates related to LGBT ordination and same-sex marriages. View the full article
  3. At parliament memorial for slain PM, FM swipes at Netanyahu, who brokered deal that made Kahanist an MK; opposition chair responds that left abusing Rabin's memoryView the full article
  4. Alaa Abdel-Fattah, his lawyer and another blogger appear in court on charges of 'broadcasting false news,' after being arrested in wake of rare anti-Sissi protestsView the full article
  5. Nitzan Horowitz offers to accelerate plans to shorten shifts from 26 to 18 hoursView the full article
  6. 'Israeli construction on E1 harms Palestine’s future growth potential and therefore closes the door to the possibility of a peace agreement,' architect Uri Reicher told the Civil Administration. View the full article
  7. Notable televangelist Pat Robertson, who is known for mobilizing conservative Christians to vote, said during a Fox News interview Sunday that "God is not a Republican."View the full article
  8. Michal Klein takes stand in Case 4000 trial, in which former PM accused of benefiting business interests of Bezeq shareholder in exchange for positive pressView the full article
  9. Comoros is a Muslim-majority member of the Arab League and the only Arab country entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. View the full article
  10. Shas and United Torah Judaism tried to persuade Likud chair Yariv Levin to end opposition MKs' boycott of Knesset committees protesting what they deemed an unfair allocation of the committees. View the full article
  11. Yoffi is a family-owned business that produces and markets Israeli gastronomic souvenirs. View the full article
  12. Scores of medical residents, interns and other medical staff have resigned in protest of 26-hour-long shifts. View the full article
  13. Today's government carries a different message: It is possible to differ ideologically, and still be able to work constructively with one another. View the full article
  14. 'Liquid Love' refers to the book of the same title by sociologist Zygmunt Bauman. View the full article
  15. After a long delay due to COVID-19, thousands of runners expected in the capital to participate in six different races. View the full article
  16. Rabbi Haim Louk is a Jewish liturgical musician who has mixed with a diverse range of styles and genres. View the full article
  17. Moroccan-born Chaim Louk celebrates his 80th with singer Amir Benayoun and rocker Berry SakharovView the full article
  18. We remove the Gospel's influence from our politics at the moment when we are most politically engaged.View the full article
  19. 'I asked them to forego their face, their professional calling card,' says photographer Iddo Lavie. View the full article
  20. Elected in vote marked by record low turnout, former judiciary chief takes step back from international stage, while working to win the hearts and minds of his peopleView the full article
  21. Assassin Yigal Amir's ideological heirs are now Members of Knesset, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said. View the full article
  22. Autistic people are helped in the education system until they turn 21, and then their assistance drastically drops. View the full article
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