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  1. Praise the lord everyone. I was inspired by the lord a few months ago to write letters to random people all over the world in hopes to share the gospel of Jesus. I joined this group to see if I can reach out and find some more people. I am interested in meeting new people and maybe this can be the start of something great! Please let me know if you want to receive a letter or know anybody who would! God Bless
  2. Welcome to Bibly!

  3. Praise the lord everyone! My name is Haley Taylor and I am from Newfoundland Canada. I found this website searching for other Christians to share the gospel with and hopefully meet new people with the same passion I have for Christ. In an online world many people are using it to their advantage so I figured why not use the internet for something positive and take advantage of it in a good way to uplift Jesus. I would love to hear from new people, so feel free to share your personal testimony. I am currently 21 years old and I became a born again Christian at the age of 18. I have
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