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  1. With out a doubt I agree with you. Here's the part I struggle with: If God intervenes shouldn't he confirm that he has done so. I say this because people can say they heard from God, get a large following, when it doesn't happen, then they will say God intervened. Dreams - a favorite of mine because they have been a part of my life since a small boy. I can go for a long time on this but I'll just say. We are like receivers, what do we tune into, who's on our frequency, it's difficult at times because we cant see who's on the other side sending the message. California yes,
  2. I've spent a good amount of time on the Rapture topic. I'm submitting some questions to see other view points. A majority of Christians might have the Rapture timing wrong! Here's 7 questions: Why are Christians so divided on this? How could God let us be so divided? Is the Bible clear on this subject? If you get it wrong are you risking your salvation? Are there Events that lead up to it? Has God set a date and not shared it with us? Why should we care when it happens?
  3. I’m going to post this and make a comment. Something isn’t right...In recent videos from Prophecy Club Stan says America is coming apart and evidence seems to validate that. Now the message from God is he has given us a reprieve, but God didn’t say that from his main source Dana Coverstone. It feels like back tracking and selective information. Either God is warning something is going to happen, that happens...or God says there is a reprieve. I’ll just say something is not right here.
  4. I was going through my photos selecting one that would be good for my background and noticed this oddity in the photo. What's funny is the photo right before it doesn't have it. This was taken at Zion National Park using my iPhone 11 pro. Look around the center, a bit above trees, zoom in as needed... Seconds before the one above. All in fun
  5. Lance

    Zion National Park

    Look closely around the center
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  7. You can fast forward to 4:25 to bypass waiting. Good information on what Rosh Hashanah is.
  8. I've searched the Bible up and down trying to find Pretribulation Rapture and to me it's not there. This video does a great job explaining the Rapture. With all of the challenges of knowing the truth these days, I really think it's important to know when the Rapture occurs. I feel this is important because if you don't prepare for what's coming you will suffer very difficult times ahead. Search the Bible and prove me wrong!
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