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    2. Sandra coley

      Sandra coley

      Am from USA and yes I know GOD, I don’t really know how it works on here I would like you to teach me more about faith 

      I will drop my number below I will be expecting a text from you  because I would like to know and Learn more about faith and GOD 

      MY number is +1(864) 729-2709

    3. Mark Balicki

      Mark Balicki


      I do not give out my cell phone number as practice. I do not not know what churches you have in your area, but you must start there first, find a church. My guess it will be a non-denominational one that believes in the gifts of the Spirit. You may not find the right one right away, but you need to be part of church family that can help you in person and answer your questions. 

      We can learn stuff here in blogs, but it is mostly for expressing thoughts which you can reflect on, put your own comments/imput so others can reflect on what you are saying, and both us and you can grow in learning more about God. 

      If you want to learn more from me and the season we are in then visit my youtube channel "Last Prophets Standing" and hear what I believe God is saying today.  


      I pray God helps you with your walk with Him.



    4. Sandra coley

      Sandra coley

      Okay thanks 

      God be with You 

      do you have Facebook or Instagram I don’t really know how it works here 

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