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  1. We’ve moved the Articles to Blogs to encourage more writer participation. Blogs are a great way to about write in-depth topics. We hope everyone enjoys these changes. Bibly
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    We've added member Blogs! View all Blogs View by Members Blogs Create your own Blog Easy to use Read Blogs by People you know Add Tags Comments More on the way! Bibly
  3. Chat is now available. Room chat Private one-2-one chat Bibly
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    Drop down menus are now fixed.
  5. We've added a new category in the Directory - Petition Online Find some great online sites to get your voice heard
  6. Excited to mention later this year will have an iOS App. iOS App coming soon! Bibly
  7. Merry Christ-mas! 2019 had a few changes for Website overhaul New look and features Refined mission In 2020 will continue our mission spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Bibly
  8. New Photo Gallery page. Members Albums - location for your personal photos that you want to share Historical Gallery - Mix of Photos that have significant historical value Comments - members can comment on photos Rate - members can rate photos Tags - use the tag for easy search Reactions - makes it fun Numerous ways to filter views and many more! Bibly
  9. We have some great new features in the Forums. When logged-in, multiple view options Table - Traditional View Fluid - Dynamic Listing with Topic Filters Easily add YouTube videos, just add URL Easy to you use text editor Follow the Topic Reactions, makes it fun Quotes, easy and clear to use Notification of replies Numerous ways to filter content and many more! Bibly
  10. We've added HAM Radio Call Signs user Profiles. Go to your Profile Edit Profile (button top right of cover photo) You'll see an new entry for Amateur Radio Call Sign What is an Amateur Radio Call Sign, see here at AARL Bibly
  11. We completely overhauled the Videos page. Categories - easy to find topics your interested in Trending - Top Videos for the week Following - Members you Follow Discover - the Latest Videos Featured - see the Videos we Featured Filters - new ways to "Sort By", title, dates, ratings, views Views - different types of views, List or Thumbnail Bibly
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    About Us

    About Us is a Christian Community focused on Biblical Information and Study. Our Mission Our goal is to teach people about God and Jesus Christ. What can you do at You can learn and share your Christian experiences by using our Forum, read the latest Christian and Jewish News Feeds, share and watch Videos, share and view some Photos of Christian and Jewish locations, provide insight by creating an Article, create and attend Events, find Christian and Jewish websites by using our Directory services, and download pdf documents from our Documents repository. The Bible Read your Bible every day and learn what God and Jesus has to say to you. It is extremely important to know the words of God so you can discern the truth. Bibly = of or relating to the Christian religion. Bibly
  13. New Verse Popups! Add Verse Popups by typing in the verse. 1 John 1:1 single verse Hebrews 3:7-8 multiple verse Bible
  14. Bibly Website Changes! We made allot of website changes to improve the focus of our mission; a source of information about God and Jesus. Bibly
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    If you need help! Post it in the Forum Support area Use the Contact Us email Bibly