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  1. All of this is believable, but yet hard to believe we are heading in this direction.
  2. What have you been taught about Babylon the Great? I put this video together to share what I believe God showed me concerning this, but I talk to you first about your family of faith and the implications it has in the end times. This is a 40 minuten video, but you will glean some information I believe will send you to God asking for more understanding. You must be aware which is the theme for the believer in this time we have entered. It will take faith and perseverance of the Saints, The Spirit help, God's ability to save and being equipped with knowledge to help you navigate this. Come back and share some comments or insights you have concerning this.
  3. What if some of what you have been taught about the book of revelation is wrong. Even though there are many mainstream theories that are passed on and repeated over and over, but does it make them right. Have you given them much thought yourself? What if some the things you learned were to throw you off so you do not see what is really coming and will not be ready, but instead seduced by the enemy to take a different path. The end is coming because of sin and rebellion against God. The violence committed to and in God's creation will be judge by Him that is a fact. i want to start sharing with you some things you in this video I made that you may not have heard before because too many people have been making guesses instead of being led by the Spirit which when it is time He will show us. Now is that time because if you are following Jesus you will be able to see. This will not be won through a geo-political fight or politics. when God says, 'It is the day of reckoning" all things will be called to account and receive what is due it. Here is a vid I made concerning a few of the scriptures of John's revealing of the end starting with the basics. What is the beast? read some of the comments posted on the video below some good insights were brought forth by other viewers. Hope you comment and share your thoughts here or there, but add to the conversation. https://youtu.be/u-JilorzYT0
  4. Why do we need prophets when we have the bible? Well, the simple answer is it is one of the gifts Jesus gave to the church to help equip us until He returns. (Ephesians 4: 9-16) There are many attributes to this gift and one of them covered in this video is timing. Will you listen? Will you prepare and be ready? God uses prophets to tell us what time it is. Another way of saying it is -Do you know what time it is? And will you be ready? Hey honey, "Do you know all the money you borrowed and gambled away, well the bill is coming due to pay it back! what are you going to do about it?" Do we need prophets? What other useful attributes of a prophet have you thought of? Or do we need Jesus’s ministry at all today or can we each go it on our own? What do think? Here’s a short video on some thoughts on that subject I made. https://youtu.be/TZP3lDcPhQ8
  5. And that is the tech they make known to us. Can you imagine the tech in research or that is under production we don't know about? I believe much of these things are created by the inventors as something to help humanity, but also can find a more nefarious quasi use by others who do not share the same intentions. I am so thankful sometimes we are not as smart as we think we are and that truly we who believe are more than overcomers in Christ Jesus.
  6. I hope to hear more from you in the future and what God is doing with your life
  7. Hi Russ, If you used your email to sign up for this forum then you should be able to read this reply. I am sorry to hear about all this. And one should never give up the thought or desire of having a father/son relationship. I am familiar with the road of addiction. It ends up being filled with a lot of pain and regret. To be honest not many make an escape out of addiction specially the hard substances meth and the like. I guess the pain and regret drives them back to use for a momentary enjoyment that usually leaves one feeling guilting, more regretful and ends up alienating you from everyone around you because it is a very selfish way of life and very destructive to you. But you said you've been clean for 3 years. so let me start there. Obviously you choose to express yourself on this christian site. So, what is your relationship with God like, church life, etc? what was your life like growing up? Do have any of these thing from your past? The reason I mention this is because wherever our life is today is all we have to work with, but it is only a snapshot in a moment of time. You may not like the picture you see, but it doesn't have to stay the same. And there is one who can change tomorrows picture, and the next day, and the next year...etc. which is your Creator. What picture is it you would like your son to see, your folks to see, siblings and friends to see in the future? A godly man, a good man, a hard working man who has the ability to provide stability for himself and then others. Or to be even satisfied with some catching a picture of you headed in that direction. There is a verse in the bible that says, "Not that I have already reached the goal or am already perfect, but I make every effort to take hold of it because I also have been taken hold of by Christ Jesus. Brothers and sisters, I do notA consider myself to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, 14I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus. forgetting what is behind" Philippians 3:12-14 That is the picture you need to be ready for when it is taken so most likely there is a lot to do to get there. And it can be an excited journey with times of pain and disappointments too, but a least you are heading the right way, And at the end of the day you can have the joy you are choosing to go the right way. You expressed in your letter that the direction you have been heading has not been a happy or good one. It doesn't make a difference what anyone thinks about your life where it stands today. God can redeem the time that sin has destroyed and your personality which has been destroyed by wrong actions and hurt of others. I have seen Him do it to many times to count. But all of it starts with a relationship with Jesus. There is no magic words I know even though we all wished/hope we can find that one word to fix everything, But knowing Jesus and the gift God gave to you to die for the forgiveness of your sins is the open door to a new life. Sinning and sins are nasty things that stand as obstacles in our life, but you can overcome them with God's help. Many here can encourage you in that relationship, and give you insight into it and maybe even some practical advice, but it has to begin with you and end with God. Lastly, when we experience the feeling of depression many times it can mean we are not approaching life correctly. And not because we are stupid, but because we don't know how life works. Depression is not just for the down and outers it happens to the wealthy, the famous, and the powerful. All can experience it the same. You see God is eternal and His ways can not be moved, but if we think we can pursue life some other way then how he designed it, well, you are going suffer. The harder you push against it with your own wrong or selfish ways and wrong thinking the harder it presses back on you. God will not be moved. Docs can diagnosis the symptom of depression biologically or symptomatically and even prescribe medication but that can't get you to change your ways. Again It can't get you to stop thinking the wrong things and stop you from producing bad behavior that ultimately is making you unhappy. Medication can have an affect on your body chemistry, but to find the joy in life people are looking for it his only found in Him. Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life and no man can know the Father (the paternal being) in which everything comes except through Jesus. If you have bible start reading in the gospel those are the first 4 books in the new testament. It was when Jesus was walking on this earth and his activities and what he said was was recorded in these 4 books. Hope to hear more about you Russel. Where in ontario are you presently living those provinces are big? Mark
  8. I think in the world we live in today sometimes we can be distracted by something the seems like a threat, while the real threat is working to set up the real destruction that may befall us or has befallen someone else that we are not seeing. A great example of this is all the trouble in the world going on around us that preoccupies our time while we may be missing God's need for us to be alert in the present. What can happen because of this is we do not think about or teach others on the fundamentals because we are too busy with the abstract. I guess what I am saying, is getting back to the basics and caring for one another and others not yet of His fold won't happen unless our minds are set on following Jesus and not being distracted. I want to share one of those fundamentals that rarely gets taught on in the majority of the churches. I also made a video about it. I do think the believer living in these days may be confronted with this issue "casting out demons"and I would like to share some thoughts on it. This is not the sum total of what I know or have experienced but it should give you some insights into this unseen world to consider so that you're available for God to use. Thanks for reading and watching. Mark
  9. If yes, do you really truly believe it yourself? Years ago, it seemed like I had plenty of opportunities to pray for sick people in Jesus's name. God would instantly physically heal them or it would come very quickly after praying for them and for some it would not. I don’t think God chooses to love one person more than the other, but their journey through life may be different for them then what you have asked God for. Now, this doesn't mean you should stop praying for people when you don't see God heal them, because you may be the one God can use to work through for the Spirit to give the gift of healing in the next person you pray for. Know that belief in God to heal is more than the actual result of the healing, but it can open up to you and the recipient the knowledge of God in new way. God our healer! And then if they are not a believer it is a chance to share the gospel message with them. The challenging part is finding those opportunities today to pray. I seen this coming for a while, but now it has fully planted itself in the church among so many also. What’s the problem? “Unbelief” especially in this area of healing, but the question is why? I believe it also affects our mission in Christ of bring the knowledge of God to a dying world. I don’t have a problem with people looking for medical solutions to remedy their problems in fact I think it is smart, but the trust we place in others, the camaraderie found in doing it and the attention you can get from it has diluted our belief that God can really heal us. So, most church talk today after the weather, current events or gossip dominates around getting attention or having our conversations center around our sicknesses, diseases, aches and pains we have. This is especially true for the folks who are growing older that should be sharing testimonies of Christ healing in our bodies, but now "sicknesses" I notice is what many young people want to talk about too. Each having their own debilitation I guess to feel special or voice their own uniqueness. What I'm watching is not limited to physical, but a growing interest in finding the right pills to take to care of them emotionally. So even though we pray for healing the prayers are now; God, give wisdom to the docs and guide the surgeon’s hands, instead of looking to God first to heal you and keep you healthy. And yes, that includes us cooperating with staying healthy, but that's a whole other subject. Remember this body we were given is a temple of the Holy Spirit. The blessing of permissibility and having plenty can be its own obstacle, enjoy that blessings and don’t abuse it. I shared a few experiences in a video of my encounters with God’s healing. Let me tell you, I go often into prayer to ask the Lord for healing in my own body believing He will and many times He has, and for the times He hasn’t then I go seek the help I need which honestly is almost like never. I am most grateful for that and humbled. But I want Him to have the first place and my reliance to be on Him to take care of me. I think the pain from not doing so will be part of the judgment and this reckoning we have now entered and will intensify in the months and years ahead. You will have wished you had trusted Jesus to heal you and help you to live right.
  10. Sometimes you can learn something about what is coming by how folks have been trained to do something that is known but is the process of being created. I am referring to the work of God behind the scenes. I recently watched a movie with my wife called "Hidden figures". It was an inspiring movie in that some most unlikely figures were prepared for a known work with things involved that yet had to be created. There were obstacles that seemingly to be standing in the way that no one was sure how to overcome in order for this work to become a reality. The thing that had to be done was known but all the other things in how to get there were unknown. And the unknown is the scariest to people, but you will not know the joy of finding out unless you walk into and through it to the other side. What was needed was the right people to make it happen each playing their part to fulfill a bigger picture. Each of the folks in this movie based on a true story could have stopped at any time along their journey which I am sure knowing how different circumstances of life come along befalling all mankind could have discourage them at any time to do just that, but they did not quit!. In this case of this story we put a man in space and then eventually on the moon. For us as believers God made us more than overcomers, we are conquerors in Christ Jesus through the love of God. I want to share my testimony of that call for me and why I won't quit until I see Jesus. I was called to the ministry in 1988. This was shortly after becoming a believer having accepted God's invitation through Jesus's sacrifice on the cross and repentance of my sin that put Him there. I believe God saved me, called me and prepared me all these years for TODAY! I share about this call to the ministry in a video and it is something you want to hear. It is true we have entered the day reckoning the time of judgment, but God has had a plan all along to demonstrate His glory in the final scene of the last act. He has prepared people to help through this transition to the end and hopefully soon the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is a 17-minute prophecy at the end unlike anything you may have heard before, personal to me, but it’s encouraging to all who have stayed faithful and loyal like King David in spite of some of our own failings in life. This message is for you too not to give up that God has a plan for you. What about you what is your story? Don't quit, don't give up and press forward in Christ Jesus to the finish line.
  11. Over the years having heard so many sermons about grace it has really come to my attention that many professing Christians I don't think know what it is. The problem with that is we are entering a time that we will need God's grace like never before to avoid the landmines being placed around us by the devil and his children. We will need the ability to walk in victory with Jesus and our own strength simply is not enough. Many today are living a Christian lifestyle and have thinking that opposes grace. What is most concerning about that is when they are really in trouble in the days ahead, I mean really in TROUBLE and need the grace of God, He will resist them just like they resisted Him! I made a 20-minute video that will shed some light on grace. And maybe even give you some insights you haven't heard that would persuade you to live a little differently if you already are not.
  12. What do you think is the best version of the bible to read? Does it make a difference? I shared some insight into this in a short 3.5-minute video. Let me know what you think is there a right or wrong one and why?
  13. The day of reckoning" has been an announcement and now it is time to prepare. The church in general has not done a good job doing this. We read the scriptures, we teach motivational words, but just like the ministry Jesus gave to us on his ascension the scriptures alike were meant to teach us about him. And today both are failing to do that not because of God, but because of us.. Jesus speaking to the religious folks that did not know God said, "You search and keep on searching and examining the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and yet it is those [very Scriptures] that testify about Me; and still you are unwilling to come to Me so that you may have life." John 5-39-40 In other words some people have a missing component that is keeping them from knowing the Lord intimately, closely and the barrier that keeps them from doing that is rebellion. And this rebellion is served up in many ways by those who pretending to be someone they are not or are hiding in sin that keeps them from coming to the truth themselves. The things they say then becomes tainted food that is served. Partake in some of it and you may only become apathetic or complacent. If eat more of it you may become disoriented or lost. If you eat a lot of it you may become sick and die. Jesus warned his disciples of this when he said, “Watch out and be on your guard against the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:6 Amp Then the disciples finally understood among themselves, "He did not tell them to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the [false] teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees." Matthew 16:12 Why?, because they made up what they did not know.
  14. I thought I would post this wherever I posted the two dreams I believe I recieved from the Lord 30 years ago about today. What do they mean now is really a comformation for me of many things the Lord has shown me through the years. The reason I am sharing them with you is I believe God makes know to us times and seasons. For me these are the birth pangs Jesus warns about, but one day the final delivery of His plan will be unfolded. And we who are alive in the last act , our director God has given us cues for the beginning of final act so you are ready and don't fail to play your part. I think the ending scene will be confusing enough and you do not want join or be cast with the other bad characters so I believe all the help and encouragement we can be given to help accomplish this should be shared. Thanks Mark
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