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  1. I hope to hear more from you in the future and what God is doing with your life
  2. Hi Russ, If you used your email to sign up for this forum then you should be able to read this reply. I am sorry to hear about all this. And one should never give up the thought or desire of having a father/son relationship. I am familiar with the road of addiction. It ends up being filled with a lot of pain and regret. To be honest not many make an escape out of addiction specially the hard substances meth and the like. I guess the pain and regret drives them back to use for a momentary enjoyment that usually leaves one feeling guilting, more regretful and ends up alienating
  3. I think in the world we live in today sometimes we can be distracted by something the seems like a threat, while the real threat is working to set up the real destruction that may befall us or has befallen someone else that we are not seeing. A great example of this is all the trouble in the world going on around us that preoccupies our time while we may be missing God's need for us to be alert in the present. What can happen because of this is we do not think about or teach others on the fundamentals because we are too busy with the abstract. I guess what I am saying, is getting back to
  4. If yes, do you really truly believe it yourself? Years ago, it seemed like I had plenty of opportunities to pray for sick people in Jesus's name. God would instantly physically heal them or it would come very quickly after praying for them and for some it would not. I don’t think God chooses to love one person more than the other, but their journey through life may be different for them then what you have asked God for. Now, this doesn't mean you should stop praying for people when you don't see God heal them, because you may be the one God can use to work through for the Spirit to give t
  5. Sometimes you can learn something about what is coming by how folks have been trained to do something that is known but is the process of being created. I am referring to the work of God behind the scenes. I recently watched a movie with my wife called "Hidden figures". It was an inspiring movie in that some most unlikely figures were prepared for a known work with things involved that yet had to be created. There were obstacles that seemingly to be standing in the way that no one was sure how to overcome in order for this work to become a reality. The thing that had to be done was known
  6. Over the years having heard so many sermons about grace it has really come to my attention that many professing Christians I don't think know what it is. The problem with that is we are entering a time that we will need God's grace like never before to avoid the landmines being placed around us by the devil and his children. We will need the ability to walk in victory with Jesus and our own strength simply is not enough. Many today are living a Christian lifestyle and have thinking that opposes grace. What is most concerning about that is when they are really in trouble in the days ahead,
  7. What do you think is the best version of the bible to read? Does it make a difference? I shared some insight into this in a short 3.5-minute video. Let me know what you think is there a right or wrong one and why?
  8. The day of reckoning" has been an announcement and now it is time to prepare. The church in general has not done a good job doing this. We read the scriptures, we teach motivational words, but just like the ministry Jesus gave to us on his ascension the scriptures alike were meant to teach us about him. And today both are failing to do that not because of God, but because of us.. Jesus speaking to the religious folks that did not know God said, "You search and keep on searching and examining the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and yet it is those [very Scrip
  9. I thought I would post this wherever I posted the two dreams I believe I recieved from the Lord 30 years ago about today. What do they mean now is really a comformation for me of many things the Lord has shown me through the years. The reason I am sharing them with you is I believe God makes know to us times and seasons. For me these are the birth pangs Jesus warns about, but one day the final delivery of His plan will be unfolded. And we who are alive in the last act , our director God has given us cues for the beginning of final act so you are ready and don't fail to play your part. I
  10. You might be a little surprised by what the abomination of desolation is that Jesus refers to when referencing a time near the end. What it is and how it will come to a crescendo as we enter the end before Jesus returns is important to understand. The Lord put it on my heart to share it and I have done so in this video. .
  11. I think this is true, but we are so not listening and preoccupied today.
  12. God knew this day would arrive. He showed me in two dreams what would take place in the future 30 years ago. It leaves me with two impressions. One of them is that although many seem to have been going in a different direction in life. The christian experiences Jesus showed me proven in His word was like a compass to me. I am not lost by His grace and mercy. I found truths and held on to them dearly while following Jesus. The things Jesus seem to be saying and showing me was different than what many of the shepherds of the day were trying to teach us and lead us in. The second, is God doe
  13. This is simple, but so true
  14. Have you ever considered those you follow or the things they present may not be real. Just some thoughts to make you think.
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