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  1. You might be a little surprised by what the abomination of desolation is that Jesus refers to when referencing a time near the end. What it is and how it will come to a crescendo as we enter the end before Jesus returns is important to understand. The Lord put it on my heart to share it and I have done so in this video. .
  2. I think this is true, but we are so not listening and preoccupied today.
  3. God knew this day would arrive. He showed me in two dreams what would take place in the future 30 years ago. It leaves me with two impressions. One of them is that although many seem to have been going in a different direction in life. The christian experiences Jesus showed me proven in His word was like a compass to me. I am not lost by His grace and mercy. I found truths and held on to them dearly while following Jesus. The things Jesus seem to be saying and showing me was different than what many of the shepherds of the day were trying to teach us and lead us in. The second, is God doe
  4. This is simple, but so true
  5. Have you ever considered those you follow or the things they present may not be real. Just some thoughts to make you think.
  6. A word of the Lord, 2 weeks before all of this hit.
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