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  1. Today, amid all the chaos and mayhem of the present hour, many of God’s people in Christ are searching the scriptures seeking what His word says are the signs of His coming. One of the surest indications that we are in the last days and Jesus is on His way is found by observing the oceans. In the book of Revelation we are shown that before the Lord returns the oceans will be “as the blood of a dead man” (Rev. 16:3). This means that as a dead man is lifeless and has stopped breathing, his blood has become devoid of oxygen. Today there are many places in the seas that are without oxygen. Sc
  2. Good perspective. I know from my own experience with dreams, that sometimes a great amount of time can pass before they are fulfilled. I had one thirty years ago that is being fulfilled now. So if something doesn't happen right away we tend to dismiss them. It's best to file them in the background and use them to help prepare us, but not rule us
  3. You are welcome. I really appreciate the encouragement. I will try to contribute more as time permits. Thanks again and God bless.
  4. HI Lance, I believe America is under judgment, but God can postpone it if there is prayer and repentance. I also believe that there needs to be a revival before the tribulation gets into full swing. That is a pattern. There was a massive revival in Nigeria, millions coming to the Lord before the current wave of persecution there. We'll see the same thing here in America. A Calvary Chapel church in California just baptized almost one thousand people. Another church in Arizona just baptized two hundred. God is merciful and He responds to prayer and I know multitudes of His people are prayi
  5. I know a pastor who does not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. I told him, “The church in Philadelphia is promised to be kept from the “hour” (Rev. 3:10). No matter how God chooses to do this, it’s your job to make sure your congregation is in that Philadelphian category.” He said, “I got it.” If you are one of those pre-tribulation rapture disclaimers, I hope you get it, too. Jesus told us to pray that we are worthy to escape (Luke 21:36). We have an option. Jesus tells the Jezebel infected church of Thyatira to repent or else they would go through “great tribulation”
  6. I wanted to share these pictures of a rainbow I saw, which reminded me of a prophetic dream my husband had about the apostasy many years ago. His dream is a very accurate picture of what is happening today.
  7. Hi Lance, I didn't know you had responded to this, I just saw your answer. I've been busy. You've got a point. How do we know when God has intervened and stopped something that has been prophesied? I know in the book of Amos, Amos prayed and God intervened and stopped the devastation, but Amos was always told by God what He was going to do. So, if we are praying and the thing doesn't happen, we should know it was God intervening because His Spirit will tell us? Also, many times in the Old Testament when a prophecy is given, it was not fulfilled in the prophet's, or the people's lifetimes,
  8. Is the Christian church today in apostasy? How can we tell? This video shows us the basic "pillars" of the Christian church and why they are essential for our spiritual health. Compare your church to these three vital pillars.
  9. 1. Immature, carnal Christians allow themselves to be divided, not just on the rapture issue but on other doctrines as well. We have to learn to agree to disagree. 2. We allow ourselves to be divided because we are listening more to the devil than we are to the Lord. 3. Yes and no. It is obvious that Jesus and the Apostle Paul taught that the church would be removed after the tribulation before Jesus' return. This event is mistaken to be the pretrib rapture when it is actually the first resurrection. The pretrib rapture is less obvious, but it is in Revelation and has been confused b
  10. Sometimes when God gives a prophecy through a dream, it doesn't mean it has to happen. He wants us to pray for Him to intervene because He wants to. If some of those things in Dana's dreams don't happen, it may be because the Bride has been tipped off and prayed. We've been shown in dreams that a suitcase bomb has been brought into the US. That was many years ago. We always pray that the equipment will malfunction. You have a very good approach to how you check things out. By the way, we met a young man named Lance many years ago in California. Is your father an artist by any chance? Good
  11. This message is the result of a couple of dreams I had from the Lord. Are we ready for Him to inspect our cupboards? You are invited to visit my website - https:// www.cafelogos.org
  12. I know a pastor who doesn't believe in a pre-trib rapture. I told him that God promises the Philadelphians that they will be kept. No matter how God chooses to do that, your job is to make sure your congregation is in that Philadelphian category. He said, "I got it."
  13. This is an insight I discovered the when I was studying Matthew 24 and 25. Have any of you seen this as well?
  14. The Hebrew roots of Christianity contained in the Old Testament prophecies reveal that Jesus has to be the Messiah. The prophet Daniel's prophecy of the Seventy Weeks contains the irrefutable evidence that verifies that no one else can claim the title of the Messiah of Israel.
  15. Hi everybody! I am an author and retired speaker and am currently ministering online when I can. I have a particular burden to share the gospel as it is revealed in the Old Testament. I have discovered by ministering on other forums that there is a great deal of mis-information about the Christian faith. I believe that if more people had a background in who Jesus is in the Old Testament there would be less falling away.

    I spent two years doing a study on the Trinity directly from the scriptures and six years doing an expository examination of the book of Revelation for my own enlightenment. Then I did one year doing an expository study on the book of Hebrews. All of these studies helped to do another year's work on a study of Jesus in the Old Testament.  I am exhausted! I really enjoy getting into God's word and prefer to do my own studies from scratch. I don't normally rely on what others have done, I like to see what God reveals directly to me. It's more fun than anything this world can provide. I've attached a free PDF version of the study I did on Jesus in the Old Testament. Please feel free to share it. Much love to everyone.  Yours in Jesus, Biblican


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