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Found 23 results

  1. Amir and Pastor Barry Stagner LIVE discussing the topic of Universalism and the Christian Church.
  2. Amir LIVE with a Middle East Update with Pastor Barry Stagner from Manila.
  3. Amir LIVE from Singapore with comprehensive coverage of the current conflict in the Middle East between the US & Iran and the Biblical significance of the latest events.
  4. The Bible says that the Church was built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets. Can the Church appoint new apostles and prophets today? What exactly is the New Apostolic Reformation and what dangers does it pose for believers? Who started it? When? Why? Does the Bible confirm this theology? These questions and more in Amir’s special update from Israel.
  5. Amir LIVE with a Middle East Update from his home is Israel.
  6. Amir LIVE from London with a Middle East Update.
  7. While the concept of judgment for the non-believer is widely known and accepted, few understand that judgment is awaiting the believer as well; a very different judgment. Where is the bema seat of Christ? How can we get there? When will that happen, and how different will it be? This and more in Amir's new message.