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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, I wanted to introduce our new YouTube channel that will share Bible scripture, and healing prayer, so that the holy Spirit of God can teach the Bible to us. We can get Bible facts on our own, but the Spirit of God must open our minds and hearts if we are to understand the spiritual truth that is there. We hope to aid in your Christian walk by providing Audio Bible scriptures, for encouragement, strength, protection and healing. We will also have a weekly prayer reminder video, to help you keep on track. We hope you like the content we are creating and that it helps you with your own journey with God. SOUL SCRIBE YOUTUBE CHANNEL God bless Everyone at Soul Scribe
  2. As we approach the last days will we start to see miracles? I think so and here's why I think so. The Bible talks about a Harvest in Revelation 14:14-19. A Harvest is a process of gathering in a crop when it's fully mature. Christ talks about it several times in Matthew 9:37, Matthew 13:30, Mark 4:29, and many more places. The Harvest is really about the beginning of the Bible to the end. In simple terms, it takes time for Souls to mature. If you read the Bible from beginning to end it's a story of Gods people growing up as his children. If you have children then you know they just don't pop out intelligent, there's allot of pain and suffering with learning right from wrong. This leads us to the Miracles part. When Gods children start to mature they start to understand who they are and that's not just realize but believe and have faith. As Jesus said if you had faith you could move mountains, there's approximately 486 verses talking about faith in the new testament. My view is when when the Harvest become ripe we are mature and our faith will produce miracles.
  3. As we see the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spread through out the world we need to stand strong in our faith. Reminder to those that are strong and those that are weak in the faith. The Do's: Pray for those in need Help those in need Keep calm Prepare physically but don't hoard Prepare spiritually by reading your Bible The Don't: Do not spread fear Do not spread misinformation Attempt to minimize the gossip This is not the end of the world!
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