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The New 70 Year Prophetic Cycle and Latest End-Time Signs | Episode #1062

By Lance, 02/12/21
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It seems more applicable that when the Bible says the entire prophecy  of Daniel given on the End by the Most High, was SEALED TIGHT, by the powers of God, it’s true. 

Until Christ unseals the verses as stated in Revelation 6. For Christ  is who opens the little book, referring to the verses sealed in Daniel, no one whether scholar or historian can understand it correctly.  Sad but true. 


Knowing no man, scholar or historian has the ability to understand Daniel’s visions and dreams of the END it would be good to continue looking back into those verses of the End to correct ourselves, from where we miss read due to the time being not the End . 

God being the author of all prophecy written down concerning His coming back has important information for us Saints he gives to us in his end time verses.  Keeping them sealed has caused many. False teaching to come forth 

 not even the scholars or Historians had it correct which they assumed in their quest to explain Daniel in part, because all prophesied was sealed until the End was UPON US! 

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